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Anybody else suffering from this disease?

This is NOT the wrap up post for this year but this has been quite an intense year with many changes and happenings. In all this I found myself being challenged in many different external ways and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

That said, one of my biggest challenges that came through in all this, is actually within myself. It’s this idea that before I take action, I must think it through. Really well. Like into all the details. And into all the possible outcomes. And into all the worst case scenarios!

It’s crippling. You can’t get anything done because you get stuck on this track. It’s the worst, especially if you just discovered how much you can actually get done in your life and how efficient you can be with your time.

So I started thinking this morning, where does this come from? Here are a few things that come to mind:

(A) Self Doubt

(B) Fear of Failure

(C) Too much on my plate / Too many projects at once

The truth is most likely a combination of all these. But the fact remains that this shit is really slowing you down.

From all the decisions that needed to be made this year, it was tough with a lot of them. It was tough getting over myself and it still continues. I got a lot done but I’m carrying an equal amount of shit with me, most likely into the new year.

There must be a way to train myself better. To find a better mix between acting on your impulses and reason?

If anybody knows, tell me! Or let’s get coffee and brainstorm together while making yet another to do list…

Anyways, have a great weekend!


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